A Loss at WWE Extreme Rules Could Ruin Fandango

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of AllCityImages.com

When he first came into the WWE, Fandango was an expert when it came to aggravating fans. If most superstars refused to wrestle, the fans wouldn’t care, but Fandango knew how to make it matter every time. This may have caught up to the dancing superstar.

Fans don’t Fandango anymore. They don’t pronounce his name with him, and they definitely don’t cheer him anymore. Fandango is so good at being a heel that he went too far. The fans are actually annoyed with him, and this could be bad news for him and the WWE.

I believe the WWE will reward Chris Jericho for his loyalty by letting him get even with Fandango. If this is true then I don’t think Fandango will survive the loss. He’s on thin ice with the WWE Universe, and one slip up may cause him to fall through. The fans will again be analyzing his every move just like they did at his debut at Wrestlemania. Fandango will have to be nothing short of perfect.

It may even be a catch 22 for Fandango as Chris Jericho is one of the most popular superstars in WWE history. Will fans really be happy if he puts over Fandango again? Will they really take Fandango dance-offs over Raw is Jericho? Will they take “It’s Fan-dan-go” over “Never ever be the same again”? I personally think Fandango has a long way to go to be on Jericho’s level, and he shouldn’t be put over by this WWE legend twice.

Of course we will all find out what happens this Sunday at Extreme Rules. Enjoy the match. It could be the last relevant one that Fandango wrestles.

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