Fandango's WWE Future as a Top Salesman

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of WWE

The ability to look good while getting hurt is a rare trait in the WWE. We can all agree that Dolph Ziggler is the best salesman in the business, but Fandango isn’t too far behind.

In his limited sample of matches, he has shown an incredible ability to make his opponents’ hits look like they hurt. His first match with Chris Jericho was so believable, and he played the part of rookie so well. He was getting beaten around the ring until he finally pulled off a desperation roll up for the win. It was an impressive first match for the rising star.

His match at Extreme Rules, however, was miles ahead of his first one. Obviously he was more offensive in this match, but I was more impressed by his ability to sell. All of Jericho’s running strikes were sold by Fandango perfectly. Jericho’s top rope dives were sold even better, but none of those sales compared to the finisher.

Fandango climbed the top rope, and I knew the match would be over. He went for the flying finish when Jericho jumped up for the surprise Codebreaker. You have to see this for yourselves! Fandango sold it with perfection. From faceplant to the collapse, it looked as realistic as a UFC knockout.

I know it’s not hard to sell Jericho’s finisher if you’re not afraid to have a headache later, but Fandango should win an Oscar for that performance.

A good salesman is exactly what the WWE needs right now, and I’d expect Fandango to be utilized as such. Maybe a feud with Dolph Ziggler will come from this. I’m sure that would provide more than a few cringe worthy moments.

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