Possible Ryback-John Cena Rematch On WWE Raw Tonight

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of WWE

Last night at WWE Extreme Rules, we were robbed of closure in an epic bout between John Cena and Ryback. The two men went crashing through the video board after an amazing back-and-forth battle.

At first, I didn’t know what the official result was since it was not announced at the live event. I was a little disappointed to hear that it was ruled a no-contest since Ryback walked off and Cena went out on a stretcher, but this could be good news for fans of Monday Night Raw.

Often when a match ends in indecisive fashion at a PPV, we receive some sort of closure on the following episode of Raw. This often comes in a sign that the feud will continue, but I think there’s a chance that we get even more.

Cena is severely injured. You can tell that his full schedule of matches over his 10-year career have taken a toll. He looks tired and it becomes more clear every match that a break is needed. If they’re going to give Cena a break this year, then the time is now.

The heel roster is dominating the WWE. It would be the perfect time for the leader of Cenation to go AWOL for a while. This would let the heel movement grow even bigger, and then Cena could return to play the savior. This will let fans take a break from all the madness that goes with him.

The hate for Cena has gotten out of control. Even as he was getting a neck brace put on, the “Cena Sucks” chants were still roaring through the crowd. It was a little unnerving and I think he needs a break to let things cool down.

This is why I think an immediate rematch will happen on Raw tonight. Cena should drop the title to Ryback, and he should take a leave of absence to rest up.

Of course, Cena will not want this, but if the WWE wants 10 more years out of him, they’ll rest their star.

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