Ryback and John Cena Will Meet At WWE Payback

By Jeffers Kamper


Courtesy of universowrestlingbr.blogspot.com

Tonight, on Monday Night RawRyback entered the arena in serious fashion. He made it clear that there was unfinished business between him and John Cena. He promised that Cena wouldn’t be able to refuse treatment after their next match at WWE Payback. This will be guaranteed since it will be an Ambulance Match.

The stipulation is a perfect end for a brutal feud between the two superstars, and I doubt there will be a rematch in the near future after this one. There are few images more symbolic than throwing your opponent into the back of an ambulance. It shows that your opponent has nothing left in the tank.

The two superstars gave a sample of what they could do in a match last night at Extreme Rules, but it was clear that a rematch was necessary after the no-contest ruling. This is the perfect setup for a pay-per-view named Payback. The name gives you thoughts of unfinished business, and it’s clear that these two wrestlers have an issue with each other.

After last night, I’m sure these two superstars have what it takes to pull off the less extreme version of the Casket Match. Ryback has one of the most brutal move-sets in the PG era, and Cena has the annoying Superman-esque comebacks. This is a match that could headline the Payback card.

This all depends on how the WWE sets this one up. All of the material is written for them. All they need to do is get Cena healthy and keep building Ryback.

This is the type of match that could make a career. I can’t wait to see it happen!

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