WWE: The Shield Wins All The Gold At Extreme Rules

By Damian Seeto
Image courtesy of Anton Jackson via Flickr.com

The Shield have finally captured some belts in the WWE as all members of the group have now acquired some gold.

Dean Ambrose was the first member to win a belt as he defeated Kofi Kingston for the United States title at Extreme Rules. It was a standard singles match, but an entertaining encounter nonetheless. Ambrose really showed that he can become one of the most exciting wrestlers to look out for in the near future. He looked decent during his match with The Undertaker a few weeks ago, but he also performed very well against Kingston too.

Both Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins faced off against Kane and Daniel Bryan. Not only was this match for the World Tag Team titles, but it was contested under “tornado-style” rules. This means there is no tagging required in the match and all four men can beat up each other simultaneously.

The match itself was excellent as the action was fast-paced and all four men showed what they can do. Reigns and Rollins are exciting to watch because their ring style is different to most of the other guys on the WWE roster right now. Not to mention, they introduced an awesome looking tag-team finisher that destroyed Bryan at the end of the match. Reigns and Rollins ended Team Hell-No’s over 250-day reign as champions.

The Shield now have all the gold. It will be interesting to see what WWE does with the team next. Hopefully they can keep this momentum going as they are three of the best wrestlers in the company right now. It will be a shame if WWE decides to break them up sooner rather than later.

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