Did Triple H Ruin Curtis Axel's Debut?

By Damian Seeto
Triple H Buries Talent Again
Image courtesy of eschipul via Flickr.com

Paul Heyman teased all week of having a “third client.” Many assumed it was going to be Rob Van Dam, but he never appeared. Instead, Heyman introduced to us Curtis Axel.

Axel is actually not a new wrestler in the WWE. His real name is Joe Henning and he’s the son of the late Curt Henning who is more famous for being Mr Perfect. Axel wrestled under the name of Michael McGiliicutty for a few years, but that gimmick never really took off. Now that he has a new name and aligned with Heyman, big things are expected from him.

Axel’s debut match on Raw was against none other than Triple H. Triple H wanted his revenge on Heyman after he suffered a brutal loss to Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules just the night before. Triple H vowed to beat Axel before laying his hands on Heyman.

The match was scheduled for the main event on Raw and the two wrestled for a decent few minutes. Nothing really special happened in the match until Triple H couldn’t continue because he suffered what looked like a concussion. This was part of the storyline, of course, but the show ended with Triple H lying down outside the floor.

Triple H’s “injury” angle diminished Axel’s debut in my opinion. Axel was supposed to make a huge impact, but the focus was more on Triple H. Triple H wasn’t even kind enough to let Axel beat him inside of the ring.

Hopefully, Axel’s push isn’t diminished from this point onward. With Lesnar gone (because of his part-time schedule) and CM Punk injured, Axel is the only man left in Heyman’s stable.

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