Impact of CM Punk Possibly Going Back To Being A Face

By Maurice D. Proffit
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April 15, 2013 was the last night that we have seen former WWE champion CM Punk in the middle of a WWE ring. A week and a day after his WrestleMania 29 loss to The Undertaker, Punk would address the live crowd recalling his historic WWE Championship run of which he held on to the title for a record setting 434 days. Once Punk was done addressing his title run, he would leave the crowd sitting on the edge of their chairs as he would physically exit the arena, leaving his manager Paul Heyman in a confused state. If/when Punk returns, will the WWE Universe be ready for a face CM Punk?

Traditionally, anyone who makes a return back to the WWE ring will generate an immediate warm response from the live audience since a familiar face is coming back to them. Before Punk’s departure, he elevated himself to become one of the most hated heels possibly in the history of the WWE due to the mind games that he played on The Undertaker leading to their WrestleMania match. However, it is a guarantee that all will be forgiven once “Cult of Personality” blares through the speakers.

If Punk comes back as a baby face, I don’t see it taking away any of the built up “street cred” that he developed for himself. Punk has already proven to be a ring general. Whether he is a face or a heel, he will give you a main event worthy match no matter where he’s placed on the card. As mentioned a couple of days ago here with Rant Sports, we speculated that we may possibly see a program involving Punk and Brock Lesnar and if booked today, Punk would be the clean good guy hero in that match up. But since Punk is a reflection of today’s edgy wrestling fan, Punks fan base will never lose any steam since he is the voice of the voiceless and more importantly, he’s one of us.


Mauirce D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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