WWE is About to Make Daniel Bryan a Real Threat Again

By Josh McKinney
Photo courtesy of Khalif2013 via wikimedia

Since he and tag team partner Kane — collectively known as Team Hell No — lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to The Shield‘s Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules this past Sunday, Daniel Bryan has been even angrier than usual.

The 5-foot-10, 210-pounder with the most epic beard in the business has since been proclaiming that he is not the weakest link of the team. He was on fire during the six-man tag team match that saw Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston lose to Dean Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns on Monday Night Raw. He ran right through the much larger Jack Swagger on Friday Night SmackDown, making the former World Heavyweight Champion tap out.

Bryan and Kane have always been a duo just waiting to explode. Despite the fact that they dominated the tag team scene while holding the gold for over eight months, they had more than one disagreement. However, they were always able to work things out and continue their winning ways when the titles were on the line.

On both Raw and SmackDown, they got into it again, which to me signals that WWE is about to make everybody’s favorite goat-faced grappler a big deal once again.

Bryan has been a comedy act for some time now and WWE would be smart to continue some of that, as he’s really good at making people laugh. But if he’s to be taken as a serious contender for either world title, he needs to be just that inside the ring: serious.

Although I’m hoping Bryan doesn’t turn heel again as he is so over with the crowd, it’s possible that the company will do just that in order to make him a real threat, possibly even by having his recent mean streak lead to a breakup and win over Kane.

No matter which side of the face/heel equation Bryan ends up on, I think he’s headed for bigger and better things throughout the rest of the year.

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