Brooke Hogan May Be Ready To Embrace Some Bad Into Her Life

By Maurice D. Proffit
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The pro wrestling world was shocked to see the current TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Bully Ray, take a turn for the worst and turn on the family that he married into, when not only capturing the world title from Jeff Hardy, but was reveled as the leader of The Aces of Eights. This revelation would show that he was the mastermind behind the internal destruction of the TNA brand and also the general manager Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Due to this, Brooke Hogan had to learn that her husband was the venomous nectar of the turmoil that she is experiencing first hand. However, this past Thursday on Impact, maybe the pain in Brooke’s life is not as tumultuous as we think.

During the opening segment of TNA Impact Wrestling, Brooke confronted boht her dad and Sting in the ring, indicating that she was the reason for the issues in the company. Shortly after Hulk was trying to calm his daughter down, Bully comes and shocks the viewers not because of his claim for being the ruin of TNA, but he professed his still existing love for Brooke. Later in the show, Brooke confronted Bully to see if he really can confirm those feelings, and confirmed he did.

This leaves a lot of room open for additional story between the two. Based on that conversation alone, the issues concerning both Brooke and Bully are still on the burner and soon will be boiling. Lets analyze. Brooke is at a low point where she feels her presence has done more harm than help to the company. When a person is in that frame of mind, a change of scenery is the cure to overcome this mental setback. Brooke took it upon herself to speak with her (still) husband about the way he feels about her to make sure that what he said at ringside was not a sham. With Brooke’s already admittance of wanting to be with the “bad boy” and knowing that she has acceptance in a completely different entity that separates itself from the TNA locker room, maybe the next one to don those “colors” will be the first lady of The Aces of Eights, Brooke Hogan.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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