WWE Taking Concussions More Seriously Now

By Damian Seeto
Triple H In A Concussion Storyline
Image courtesy of Snerkie via Flickr.com

The recent storyline involving Triple H and his apparent “concussion” is a serious issue within the WWE right now. Even though Triple H’s injury is fake, it does send a message that concussions are something not to be taken so lightly.

Back in the old days, injuries were common in the professional wrestling industry and most wrestlers shrugged them off as nothing serious. This is mainly because wrestlers were paid on a nightly basis and couldn’t afford to miss too many shows or else they would lose money.

More recently, concussions have been taken more seriously and the WWE is now rich enough to compensate wrestlers for their medical bills. Dolph Ziggler suffered a legitimate concussion just a few weeks ago when Jack Swagger stupidly kicked him in the head for real. Ziggler had to miss out on the Extreme Rules PPV and has not returned to action since.

Concussions are serious because they could lead to more severe conditions later if they’re not treated as soon as possible. Former WWE star Chris Nowitzki actually had to retire from wrestling altogether due to a concussion. More famously, Chris Benoit reportedly shrugged off a lot of concussions and other injuries, which led to him having major brain damage and resulted in a horrific murder/suicide.

Overall, this current storyline with Triple H is probably a reminder to the fans that wrestling should not be tried at home. If wrestling is not performed safely, people can get seriously hurt or can even die. WWE has already banned some moves such as the piledriver and Randy Orton’s punt kick is only used sparingly these days.

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