Can Curtis Axel Become WWE Champion?

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Last week, The Rock tweeted that Roman Reigns should become a future WWE Champion. This week, however, Curtis Axel has predicted that he will become a future WWE Champion, too.

Axel is not a new face in the company as he previously wrestled under the name of Michael McGillicutty. Although he is the son of Mr. Perfect, many people (at the time) didn’t think he had what it took to be in the big leagues.

Axel was wrestling on Raw and Smackdown for a couple of months and even became a tag-team champion with David Otunga. He was even a part of the “New Nexus” group that was led by CM Punk. Despite all of this, his career was going nowhere as many people labelled him as boring and nothing special.

For the next two years, Axel was not seen on Smackdown or Raw ever again. He mainly wrestled on Superstars or NXT. Axel kept patient and remained on good terms with his peers. He even helped The Rock get in ring shape for his WrestleMania 29 match.

It appears WWE officials finally admired Axel’s work ethic and he is the man that we see today. The fact that Paul Heyman is his manager proves that a lot of people have confidence in Axel. Not to mention, he’s beaten Triple H and John Cena in count out victories.

Whether or not Axel can become a future WWE Champion remains to be seen. In my opinion, he still needs to work on his character as he still appears to be boring. He also needs to be more exciting in the ring. Even though he has been “repackaged”, he still feels like the same boring guy to me right now.