Ryback and John Cena Could Be Feud of the Year

By Jeffers Kamper
Courtesy of WWE

In the PG era, feuds lack the intensity to implant themselves in the memories of wrestling fans. Lucky for us, the WWE is starting to get more relaxed when it comes to censoring violence, and that’s certainly showing in the current feud between Ryback and John Cena.

These two started feuding shortly after CM Punk announced that he would be taking a break. Ryback probably wouldn’t have been given a shot at the title if it wasn’t for Punk making himself unavailable, but he has definitely shown that he deserves to be the next man up.

After all of the build up to Extreme Rules, fans didn’t know what to expect. Ryback was still unproven as a heel and Cena was apparently wrestling through injury, but the two gave one hell of a match to the St. Louis fans. It was a back and forth contest, and the two avoided turning it into a showcase of each superstar’s finishers. There were many great spots, but they all paled in comparison to the finale when Ryback and Cena went crashing through the video board. Both superstars remained on the ground when the ten count concluded, and since there was no clear winner, we get a rematch.

The two will compete in a Three Stages of Hell match at WWE Payback, and the promos being made so far have been spectacular. Ryback and his ambulance is probably the best tag team in the WWE right now, and John Cena’s recent underhanded tactics have the fans hoping for a heel turn.

This feud could be the best one we have all year, and I hope the WWE gives it the treatment it deserves. If not, then it will just be another example of the WWE dropping the ball.

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