TNA Signs Huge Free Agent

By Damian Seeto
TNA Dixie Carter In The Ring
Image courtesy of Ed Webster via

TNA President Dixie Carter announced on her twitter page that she has signed a huge free agent to the company. The internet was buzzing to guess who it was.

Carter kind of misled the audience as many people assumed the “free agent” would have debuted on May 30. The Impact episode aired as normal and the new star never appeared. A lot of fans were disappointed by this.

It’s possible this said “free agent” will debut in the weeks to come. Still, it’s hard to pinpoint who this wrestler might be. There are at least three wrestlers that have already ruled themselves out.

Goldberg revealed that he’s not the free agent. He tweeted it would never happen” in regards to a fan asking if he’d signed with TNA Wrestling.

Batista went to twitter too and saidI am a @WWE guy to the core“. Not to mention, Batista is currently preparing for his role as Drax the Destroyer in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

MVP also put his two cents and revealed on twitter that he’s “funemployed“. I guess that means he’s still happy wrestling in the independent leagues.

There are still a few other names that are possible candidates. One of them is RVD. RVD’s contract with TNA expired just a few weeks ago and it’s possible he’s signed with them again. John Morrison is also another possibility. Morrison left WWE back in 2011 and has not done much ever since.

Hopefully whoever it is, it’s someone “big”. The last thing TNA needs is making something big out of nothing.

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