Kurt Angle To Be Inducted To TNA Hall of Fame

By Damian Seeto
Kurt Angle Into TNA Hall of Fame
Image courtesy of Hugo Fernandes via Flickr.com

TNA President Dixie Carter announced during Slammiversary that Kurt Angle will be the second-ever inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame.

TNA is still a young wrestling company since it only started in 2002. Unlike the WWE Hall of Fame, only one person is inducted per year. Angle will be inducted during the weekend of the Bound for Glory PPV in October.

The first ever inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame was Sting. It’s pretty interesting to see that Angle will go into the Hall of Fame before other people in the company. Angle was only a part of the company since 2006. Guys like Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles and many others have been with the company since the beginning.

The main reason I feel that Carter is inducting Angle so early is to prevent him from jumping ship to the WWE. Angle has mentioned he’s retiring soon and is unsure which company he wants to end his career with. Many people assumed he’s end his career with the WWE since that is where he started his professional wrestling career.

Another reason who Angle will be inducted before many others is because he’s famous too. Not only is Angle still recognized as a former WWE wrestler, but he’s also an Olympic gold medalist. No other professional wrestler has won an Olympic Gold medal before.

Still, Angle deserves this accolade as he’s one of the best-ever wrestlers. His ring work is excellent, plus his microphone skills are entertaining too. It will be interesting to see when the likes of Hulk Hogan will be inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame …

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