WWE: Can Big E Shine As A Babyface?

By Damian Seeto
Big E Langston Talking
Image from prowresblog.blogspot.com

Big E Langston debuted in the WWE as Dolph Ziggler’s bodyguard. With Ziggler out due to an injury, there are plans to make Langston into a babyface.

During his brief time in the WWE, Langston hasn’t had the chance to truly show what he can do in the ring. He’s been in a few matches here and there, but he’s nothing from the beast that was wrestling back in NXT. Langston was a popular wrestler in NXT and was undefeated at the time. He even came up with a gimmick so that he would pin his opponents with a “five” count instead of the standard “three”.

While watching NXT, I assumed Langston would debut as a good guy and receive a big push. Alas, he came in and beat up John Cena because he aligned himself with Ziggler and AJ.

For the first few months, I did not mind seeing Langston as Ziggler’s bodyguard. The role actually worked well for him because he’s never been good on the microphone. Still, I believed he was being held back, and breaking away from Ziggler can do wonders for Langston.

Langston is a big guy and has the potential to be as famous as say someone like Batista if he was booked right. Now that Ryback has turned heel, the company really needs a new main event babyface on the scene. They cannot rely on Cena carrying the company all of the time.

Cena’s been on top of the ladder for eight years now, and a lot of fans are begging to see someone fresh. Can Langston fill that role?

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