WWE Raw Garners Very Low Ratings

By Damian Seeto
Raw ratings tank this week
Image from sportskeeda.com

The WWE are in a slump right now. This week’s Raw episode garnered the lowest rating of the year and the lowest it has been since December 2012.

Raw only averaged around 3.68 million viewers. This is low considering Raw normally averages around four million viewers per week. During WrestleMania season, the ratings are usually higher and average around five million viewers per week.

The main reason the ratings are low is the lack of stars. Brock Lesnar only works part-time while The Rock is back in Hollywood filming his upcoming Hercules movie. Not to mention that CM Punk is resting up, and so is Dolph Ziggler. Rey Mysterio is a popular name, but his knees have hindered him for a few years now.

John Cena is the only top main event babyface in the company right now. Sure, there are guys like Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho and others, but the WWE doesn’t get behind them as strongly as they do with Cena. It’s too bad that Ryback is a heel now, because I think he has the potential to fill Cena’s shoes one day.

To be fair, Raw was up against stiff competition that day with Game 7 of the NBA Eastern Conference finals. Raw won’t be up against the actual NBA Finals next week, but the Payback PPV might. If the NBA Finals has a Game 5, it’ll fall on the same day. Vince McMahon will be happier once the NBA season is over.

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