John Cena And Daniel Bryan Could Headline Money in the Bank

By Damian Seeto
Money in the Bank PPV
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The rumored main event of the Money in the Bank PPV is John Cena defending the WWE Title against Daniel Bryan.

If this turns out to be true, this obviously means Ryback won’t be getting the title off of Cena at the Payback PPV. This is a shame considering Ryback has shown a lot of promise as of late as his heel turn turned out to be better than expected. Not to mention Cena has been WWE Champion multiple times for the past eight years now.

As for Cena and Bryan, this could be an exciting contest to watch. Cena tore the house down two years ago with CM Punk. That Money in the Bank match had one of the best build-ups in recent WWE history because people legitimately thought Punk was leaving the company. The ending where Punk left the building and kissed Vince McMahon goodbye is an image that will stick to wrestling fans’ heads for years to come.

Much like Punk, Bryan came from the independent leagues of Ring of Honor and is considered to be one of the best workers in the industry today. WWE officials have lauded his in-ring work for the past couple of weeks and loved the way he had good chemistry with Kane too.

Bryan getting a title shot against Cena could be a way of WWE showing that it appreciates Bryan’s talents. Bryan is not the type of guy that complains a lot and usually does what he’s told to do. Not to mention he and Kane made the tag-team titles relevant again when they were champions.

If Cena vs. Bryan does indeed happen at Money in the Bank, we can be sure to see a lot of Bryan fans hoping he can dethrone “Super” Cema.


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