Quinton "Rampage Jackson Debuts In TNA

By Damian Seeto
"Rampage" Jackson Joins TNA
Image courtesy of gallerylv via Flickr.com

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a former UFC fighter but has now signed to TNA Wrestling. Although Jackson is still doing MMA, he signed a deal that would allow him to pursue both interests.

Jackson is the “free agent” that Dixie Carter was talking about a few weeks ago. This is sad news for anyone expecting the likes of Batista, Goldberg or any other wrestler to appear on TNA.

Still, Jackson has always been a popular fan of wrestling and is somewhat of a big celebrity himself. Not only is he famous for his MMA background, but he also starred in The A Team movie in 2010. He got to star alongside the likes of Liam Neeson and Bradley Cooper in that movie.

Jackson debuted in TNA and already had a confrontation with Kurt Angle. This is a mouthwatering contest for Jackson because both men are/were legitimate athletes. Nothing physical happened between the two, but I highly suggest that TNA save this match until October for its Bound for Glory PPV.

Signing Jackson is a way for TNA to gain some ratings. This is exactly what WWE did when Brock Lesnar decided to wrestle again when he left the UFC too. Unlike Jackson though, Lesnar has experience inside of a professional wrestling ring so he already knew how to perform a “scripted” match, so to speak.

It will be interesting to see if Jackson can actually “wrestle”. Sure, he’s a fighter, but the goal of wrestling is to not actually hurt your opponent. Jackson is a fan of wrestling, so I’m sure he’s getting all the training he can get to debut in a big way.

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