WWE: Will CM Punk Actually Wrestle At Payback?

By Damian Seeto
Will CM Punk Return
Image courtesy of Joe Christiansen via Flickr.com

It has been announced by WWE that CM Punk will return to in-ring action at the Payback PPV. Will he actually be there?

This all started when Chris Jericho needed to face some better competition. Jericho already ended his feud with Fandango and was ready to face some real opponents. He baited Paul Heyman to convince Punk to come back and wrestle him at the Payback PPV.

The only reason I feel WWE could sway the audience is because Payback is in Punk’s hometown of Chicago. Punk is a heel and the last thing he wants to do is get cheered by the fans. A good way to generate some heat from fans is by not showing up at the event at all.

Heyman and Jericho did do a “contract signing” for the match, but Heyman signed it. This does not guarantee that Punk is confirmed to wrestle at the event. Not to mention that the “card is subject to change” when it comes to wrestling events.

The WWE could make Jericho face Curtis Axel instead. Axel has been brought in as the new “Heyman guy” and has been receiving a huge push.

Personally though, the one reason the WWE may not go through with this is because they’ve advertised Jericho vs. Punk a lot. It would be false advertising if people paid for the Payback PPV and did not see Punk wrestle or appear at all. It’s likely Punk will appear on the show since Triple H might be scheduled in the event as well to face Axel in a rematch.

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