WWE: Possible Opponents For The Undertaker At SummerSlam

By Damian Seeto
The Undertaker Poses
Photo by Vishal Somaiya (Wikimedia Commons)

Some possible opponents for The Undertaker have been discussed for this year’s WWE SummerSlam event.

It was initially discussed that Undertaker would team up with Kane and Daniel Bryan to face Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. This is because The Shield took out Undertaker earlier this year by slamming him through a table. As professional wrestling storylines go, Undertaker got “injured” because of this and wants his revenge.

New plans have been discussed, although it looks like Ambrose and Bryan are out of the match. It will now be only Undertaker and Kane facing up against Rollins and Reigns only. This will still be a good match to see at SummerSlam since it’s the second biggest PPV of the year, and Undertaker has always been a huge draw card.

With that being said, this match will only take place if Undertaker feels like wrestling. The backup plan is for Sheamus and Randy Orton to face off against Rollins and Reigns instead, although this match will be boring for fans to watch because Sheamus and Orton have faced the Shield multiple times before, not to mention they faced them at WrestleMania 29 along with the Big Show.

As for Ambrose and Bryan, it’s possible WWE has bigger plans for both men at SummerSlam. It’s already been reported that Bryan may face John Cena for the WWE Title at the Money in the Bank PPV. As for Ambrose, he might defend his U.S. Title against some other opponent.

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