Rob Van Dam Returning To The WWE

By Damian Seeto
Rob Van Dam Returning To WWE
Image from Rob Van Dam – Facebook

The WWE made a huge announcement during the Payback PPV, saying that Rob Van Dam (RVD) will be making his grand return to the company at the Money in the Bank PPV next month.

The announcement was so popular that the Chicago crowd at Payback started chanting his name. This is how popular RVD has become to wrestling fans over the years. Wrestling fans even started chanting his name during arenas when WWE didn’t announce he’d be coming back.

WWE fans have been longing for RVD to return ever since he decided to leave TNA earlier this year. There was even a rumor that he was being brought in as the “new” Paul Heyman guy. That didn’t obviously happen because Curtis Axel was the new Heyman client. Still, we will see what role RVD will have in the company next month.

In 2006, he was elevated to main event status, becoming the WWE Champion by defeating John Cena. Sadly, his push was nixed quickly due to a DUI and drug arrest. RVD continued wrestling for the company for another year before leaving for TNA.

Hopefully RVD will return in a huge way. He’s still an excellent wrestler and should be in the main events once again despite his age. I would also like to see him become a heel. It’s possible he could align himself with Heyman while CM Punk could become a babyface again. A feud between RVD and Punk could result in mouthwatering encounters.

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