Christian Returns To WWE Raw

By Damian Seeto
Christian WWE Return
Image from Christian – WWE Universe Facebook

Christian has been injured multiple times for the past two years. He’s missed two WrestleMania events in a row and hasn’t done anything relevant in the WWE since 2011, but he is now back and ready to rumble.

On Raw this week, Christian finally returned after spending several months off recovering from a shoulder injury. The weirdest part about his return is that he was actually cleared to wrestle two months ago. People saw him appear at Fan Axxess during WrestleMania weekend, so what has taken him so long to come back?

The reason he’s been out longer than expected was because the writers were waiting until they could come up with a good storyline for him to come back with. It’s believed that they did not want him to come back so early, or else he’d just be overshadowed by the rest of the roster.

Christian was initially going come back and feud with Antonio Cesaro for the U.S. Title. These plans were nixed because Cesaro was labelled as “boring” by WWE officials. Cesaro lost the U.S. Title to Kofi Kingston, but Dean Ambrose now holds the gold.

Instead, it looks like Christian will now compete for the Intercontinental Championship. He returned and easily beat Wade Barrett, who lost the title the night earlier to Curtis Axel at the Payback PPV. It’s possible Christian will feud with Axel for the time being.

Although it’s nice to see Christian come back, I do feel he’s got bad timing. He’s likely to be overshadowed again when Rob Van Dam returns in a month’s time.

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