Daniel Bryan Has Heated Backstage Argument With Triple H On WWE Raw

By Damian Seeto
Angry Daniel Bryan
Image via Daniel Bryan – WWE Universe

Daniel Bryan is known to be a quiet person backstage in the WWE. He usually goes and does what he’s told and rarely argues with anyone.

That is until earlier this week, when he got upset at Triple H backstage.

Bryan was legitimately injured when he had a match with Randy Orton on Raw this week. It was a no-disqualification match, so obviously he got banged up. Many people thought WWE stopped the match as part of the storyline. However, the match was stopped for real and Bryan lost.

He was annoyed that the match was stopped early because he was scheduled to win over Orton, not to mention there’s a rule in wrestling to “keep the match going”. Triple H did this himself when he tore his quad, finishing his match before getting help from the doctors. In fact, Triple H actually did this twice in his career.

Bryan was still angry because he knew he could have finished the match. Triple H apparently argued back and told him the company was protecting him from getting injured any further. With Dolph Ziggler and Fandango‘s recent concussions, the company didn’t want another injured wrestler taking time off.

The argument cooled off and both men apologized to one another. I think Bryan was annoyed more because he was going to beat Orton in that match. WWE are obviously pushing Bryan back to the main event scene, and winning against a guy like Orton will help him look stronger.

It’s rumored Bryan might face John Cena for the WWE Title very soon.

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