WWE: CM Punk Is A Bona Fide Chicago Legend

By Maurice D. Proffit
Photo courtesy of CM Punk – WWE Universe (Facebook)

When a discussion brews up about well-known Chicago greats, names such as Mike Dikta, Michael Jordan, Al Capone and others are brought up to add to the argument.

But has Chicago had a significant time-honored hero that we can honestly call our own? Sure, we have seemnsports teams from Chicago be crowned world champions in their respective sports, but is there really any one individual that not only represents the city, but is also looked upon as being “home grown”?

With the exception of Derrick Rose from the Chicago Bulls, that answer would have to be CM Punk.

This past Sunday at WWE Payback, live from Chicago at the All State Arena, Punk made his return to the ring to face Chris Jericho in a one-on-one match. Just the reaction alone of the 14,000-plus fans was worth the price of admission and the pay-per-view at home ticket. The live crowd became absolutely unglued as Punk came out for his match and showed where his allegiance laid as his wrestling trucks were special-made with the Chicago Blackhawks logo embedded on them.

In the wrestling world, Punk has an aura about himself that showcases a very nonchalant and very casual demeanor. He understands that he is the master of his fate and he’s in total control of all actions. However in his “real life” world, the characteristic that makes Punk special is that even with his celebrity status, he still shows that he is “one of us”.

Punk would not be opposed to taking the Chicago CTA Blue Line to get around town, nor would he be opposed to dining out at any of the outdoor restaurants that are in the Wicker Park neighborhood. When he says that he is the voice of the voiceless and one for the people, Punk not only uses it as his moniker, but lives by those words as well.

The WWE doesn’t necessarily have a “home field”. Many would consider New York to be the home field for the promotion due to its long time ties and loyalty to the city. But when the WWE comes to Chicago, whether it be a Raw or a pay-per-view, the show only gains value when Chicago’s favorite son stands before his home town fans.

Punk is not just a celebrity wrestler, but he is one of us on the biggest stage in the world.


Maurice D. Proffit is a Writer for Rant Sports

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