Rob Van Dam Criticizes TNA Wrestling

By Damian Seeto
RVD Not Fond of TNA
Image from Rob Van Dam – Facebook

Rob Van Dam has criticized TNA Wrestling. Despite working for the company for three years, he feels WWE does a better job of promoting him.

The main reason he left TNA was because he got questioned many times if he “retired” from wrestling. The answer he would give many people is that he wrestles each Thursday night on Impact Wrestling. No matter how many times he would say this, people still questioned if he was still “wrestling”.

RVD was the TNA Champion at one point. He had a huge push when he debuted in the company, but this was short-lived. RVD only held on to the belt for four months and never had the gold again.

From 2011 onward, RVD was nothing more than a mid-carder. He wrestled for the X Division Championship from this point on. Although he probably didn’t mind wrestling, he still wasn’t the main focus of the show and was barely promoted. During that time, guys like Bobby Roode and Austin Aries came into the main event scene. Not to mention, Jeff Hardy‘s debut in the company also meant RVD had to take a back seat.

RVD will now make his return to the WWE next month at the Money in the Bank PPV. He will only be wrestling on a part-time schedule, but is committed to wrestle at other PPV events as well. This is similar to what Brock Lesnar and Chris Jericho are doing right now. Hopefully RVD will get his wish and gets promoted heavily once again.

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