Daniel Bryan Returns to WWE SmackDown

By C.J. Bradford
Courtesy of WWE FanNation YouTube Channel

On this week’s WWE Monday Night Raw (June 17, 2013), Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton battled it out in a tough and exciting match.

That is, until Bryan was legitimately injured and the ringside doctor was forced to stop the contest.

Bryan is the type of guy who never wants to admit weakness, and was understandably upset when the doctor overruled his decision to keep going. Things were so heated that there were even reports he and Triple H got into an argument backstage.

No matter how you feel about Bryan, it takes some brass ones to stand up to your boss.

WWE officials were in a tough position, though. Bryan is seen as a key piece to the promotion’s future. Any potential injury must be handled with the utmost care. Dolph Ziggler spent over a month of his career with a severe concussion. It’s bad for business to have future stars missing significant amount of time.

However, it’s easy to see where Bryan is coming from. Once Ziggler came back from injury, he dropped the World Heavyweight Championship to Alberto Del Rio.

When time in the spotlight is so precious, you don’t want to miss a single second.

Luckily for all involved, Bryan came back in full force on SmackDown (tapped on June 18, aired on June 21). He played up the injury to open the show, blaming Orton for allowing the match to stop. Orton would counter that although stopping the match was the right thing to do, he respected “The Bearded One” for wanting to keep fighting,

That type of praise is sure to stand out in the eyes of fans.

The pair went on to have an excellent main event, with no lingering signs of Bryan’s injury. They even hit the exact spot against the barricade where Bryan was hurt the first time around.

Again, the man has some brass ones.

Bryan would end up winning via count out, an empty victory in his mind. The show closed with Bryan demanding a restart to the match, and Orton looking on slightly bewildered.

WWE seems to be setting up these two for a feud moving forward. Although I would much rather see Bryan enter — and hopefully win — the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, a rivalry with “The Viper”, is not a bad alternative. The matches are sure to be entertaining, and Orton does not seem to have a problem putting the young talent over. 

With John Cena tied up with Mark Henry for the foreseeable future, both men need something to do while they wait in line.

Credit to WWE, for taking a potentially disastrous injury and turning it into a strong storyline. Lets just hope Bryan is not hiding any ill effects and is healthy enough to fight.

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