Former World Champion Daniel Bryan is the Weak Link

By Jessica Eberle
Team Hell No
WWE Facebook

Since the forming of Team Hell No, Daniel Bryan’s character has taken a definite turn. Bryan went from a heel that received taunts from the crowd to the face that everybody loves and chants along with. He has become “The Ultimate Face” superstar that is looked at as the underdog or most recently, The Weak Link. I see the fans cheer him on and wonder, “What do these people see in him?”

Bryan is a hard working superstar that had one of the most difficult roads to the WWE. He is also the master of submission holds and knows how to get out of every one of them. I give him all the credit for being a fantastic wrestler; he does not lack an ounce of in-ring talent entertainment-wise. As a matter of fact I believe that he is one of the most talented superstars that the WWE has at this time. So from a wrestling point of view, I see why he has acquired this sizable fan base.

The best way for me to explain how I see Bryan’s character is a James Blunt song, depressing and dull. The character that the WWE Creative has dealt upon Bryan is that side that I have yet to see why he appeals to so many of the WWE Universe. From what I have observed, he is annoying, repetitive, and the length of time he has been this way is tiresome. I see nothing entertaining about a man that enters the arena chanting the same word over and over again. Sure it gets the crowd into your arrival and that is what matters the most, but from my point of view, it’s not impressive. Now we have him constantly mentioning that he is the “weak link”, while accusing everyone that tries to help him of not believing in his abilities. We have seen him succeed in many types of matches, now can we please stop with this angle?

Bryan should be on the title hunt and with the angle of, “The little man that could.” We should see him take a total turn for the better by allowing him to show the confidence he has in himself. Right now he is always trying to prove himself to everyone, he has already done that. We all know that he has the ability to win; he was the World Heavyweight Champion after all. The WWE is treating him like he is rookie trying to make an impact, but he is a veteran so start treating him like one!

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