Wade Barrett is Without a Storyline After Losing the Intercontinental Title

By Jessica Eberle
Wade Barrett
Wade Barrett WWE Universe Facebook

Following his Payback loss to Curtis Axel, Wade Barrett has found himself without a path in the WWE. The next night on Raw he was the first match-up for the returning Christian that saw Barrett fall victim to the KillSwitch. He has been lucky enough to have his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship, but that was unsuccessful. We have seen this happen with Barrett in the past where he will be a prominent figure in the WWE scene then hit a point where the creative team seems to just have no idea what they are going to do with his character. This is a strange issue to me seeing as Barrett has a lot of potential that he revealed during his time as IC Champion and leader of the devastating Nexus.

Now that Barrett is without his title, it seems that he is without a storyline and all possibilities are open to him. I don’t see them continuing the hunt for his title so it’s time to see what else they could try with his character. Barrett does not have the kind of demeanor that comes with being a ‘Face’ so I see him staying the brilliant ‘heel’ that he has always been. I tend to go towards his recent theme song change and what the meaning of that is to me. Barrett’s song speaks politically to me, and he has always been about voicing his opinion about what this country could do to improve itself. Most of the improvements happen to be things that only our government has the power to manipulate thus leading me to the brilliant pairing of the immigrant attacking Zeb Colter who has sadly become partners with Antonio Cesaro; still there is potential. Colter, after all, has some unfinished business with the new World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio.

Barrett loves his country of England just about as much as Colter loves the United States. They both tend to voice their opinions about foreigners making their homes in the U.S. Now you are probably thinking that Barrett is one of those guys that Colter has mentioned about disliking. Just recently Cesaro has been paired with Colter for reasons that we still have yet to acknowledge. So I say welcome Barrett into the circle of Cesaro and Colter to see what may come of that. Since Cesaro may not be back in the title scene allow Barrett to have that World Heavyweight title shot against Del Rio. This could be a time to have a rivalry we have never witnessed and a man holding the World Heavyweight Championship that has yet to hold anything other than the Intercontinental Championship.

There are plenty of routes to take with a man like Barrett, but from the day he won NXT, his dream was to become England’s first ever World Heavyweight Champion. Plus, who wouldn’t want a Champion that is the whole package of dominate, suave, and intelligent?

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