Rey Mysterio Eyes SummerSlam Return

By Damian Seeto
Rey Mysterio WWE
Image from Rey Mysterio – WWE Universe Facebook

Rey Mysterio has been injured for several months now. He missed WrestleMania 29 and the WWE had to cancel his match against Sin Cara for two years running.

Now that he’s set to return, what role can he play in the company?

The WWE valued Mysterio because of his fast-paced high-flying style of wrestling. Mysterio obviously learned how to wrestle over in Mexico and a lot of North American wrestling fans were amazed by his talents. They had never seen anything like Mysterio before.

When Mysterio debuted in the WWE back in 2002, he immediately became popular since he also previously wrestled in ECW and WCW as well. Not to mention, he was one of the key factors to why a lot of Hispanics started watching wrestling too.

Over the years, Mysterio has suffered from a lot of knee injuries. He had to have several different surgeries and has taken more time off than anyone. This has truly impacted his value over the years, and some are speculating that it is best for him to retire soon.

Now that Alberto Del Rio has become a heel again, I’m guessing WWE will push Mysterio as a top Latino babyface. It’s possible he can come back and team up with Sin Cara again to face The Shield for their Tag Team Championship.

This is the only role I see Mysterio doing if he does come back at SummerSlam. With Christian returning and Rob Van Dam also coming back to next month, there will be a lot of wrestlers competing for air time in the next few weeks.

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