WWE: Are Dolph Ziggler And Christian Alike?

By Damian Seeto
Dolph Ziggler Is Like Christian
Image from Dolph Ziggler Facebook

Dolph Ziggler and Christian are similar people. Both are very talented wrestlers, yet they have never really reached their full potential. What is stopping them from achieving greatness?

For many years, Christian was a tag-team wrestler alongside his good friend Edge. Christian was never considered to be a main event star back then because guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock were still actively wrestling back then. Even when Christian broke up with Edge, Edge became a bigger star than he did.

Christian felt WWE were not treating him right and decided to wrestle for TNA instead. He became a main event star in TNA right away until some of his thunder was stolen when Kurt Angle came. He then jumped shipped back to the WWE in 2009 and managed to become the World Heavyweight Champion in 2011.

Even though he was champion for two occasions, it only lasted for a month in total. He’s been injured ever since and has only recently come back.

Ziggler followed a similar path. He was a member of the “Spirit Squad” and was never looked upon as a money-making star. For several years, Ziggler worked his butt off but never reached the main events either. He had the World Heavyweight Championship for only a few minutes until Edge stole it back from him back in 2011.

Ziggler finally became a legit World Champion earlier this year. His reign was short lived thanks to injury and now Alberto Del Rio is champion once again. Can Ziggler fight back and become relevant once more?

Hopefully both men can stay in the WWE and remain on top. They are both very talented, but it’s unfortunate how competitive the wrestling business is because not everyone has a chance to main event all of the time.

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