WWE: The Shield Has Shown Power, But Who Should Really Stand Out?

By Jessica Eberle
Photo courtesy of the Shield WWE Universe Facebook

The Shield has been on a rampage since their inception during Survivor Series 2012, where they took the WWE by storm and have continued to show that the age of the dominant stables is still going strong.

For a while, they had yet to show their true strengths as they only interrupted matches and in-ring speech sessions. It wasn’t until they fought in a six-man tag match at TLC that they really showed their true talents. As I have seen the three of them all stand out in their own ways, I would like to see one of them really shine: “The Powerhouse” Roman Reigns.

I know that many of the fans would disagree with me, but he is the one that has taken a backseat to Seth Rollins and especially Dean Ambrose. Although he is one half of the Tag Team Champions, he seems to always be the one that does not get much recognition for anything that they do.

Ambrose received a singles championship and has been in more singles competition than Reigns and Rollins as well. I’m not suggesting that they give Reigns a title shot right now, but a little bit of a push to the front of The Shield would be a nice change to see.

Reigns is like the Shield’s Batista in the way that he seems to be more of the good-looking, well-built body guard that is really just there. He needs to be seen as the guy that has all the right looks but isn’t just a pretty face. What the WWE needs to do is allow him to take on some superstars that will let him show what he can do in the ring.

Such superstars as Ryback, Antonio Cesaro, Jack Swagger, Drew McIntyre, Christian, Alberto Del Rio or Big E. Langston would be suitable opponents. Langston has yet to really break out of the bodyguard persona, so for him and Reigns to really put on a performance could be a total change in the way we see these two powerhouses.

There are plenty of available options for the WWE to tackle for Reigns. They just need to allow his true potential to be seen by all.

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