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WWE Smackdown Preview For June 28, 2013

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Friday Night Smackdown

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The WWE has been showing us that they do have the ability to entertain with their recent episodes of Raw and Smackdown. I like the lineups that they have been setting up for the shows as well as the lack of in-ring speech segments, with the exception of this past week’s Raw. We have seen new and continuing feuds that are going to begin heating up as we near the next pay-per-view, Money in the Bank. We are being presented with five matches that look to be good for the audience to witness but then again, I could be wrong.

The fans are also given the names of the seven superstars that will compete for in the Money in the Bank ladder match for a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship. This list includes Wade Barrett, U.S. Champion Dean Ambrose, Antonio Cesaro, the returning Fandango, Jack Swagger, teammates Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes. This list is going to make for one highly competitive match that will leave its viewers on the edge of their seats. I find it interesting that the WWE would place seven ‘heel’ superstars in same match. This twist leaves me to wonder who the WWE Universe will cheer on as he climbs to the top of the ladder.

Will we see some of these men suddenly become face, or will the crowd just have to determine which heel they would like to see take on Alberto Del Rio or Dolph Ziggler, if the championship does indeed change hands?

Here is a look at what to expect tomorrow night on Smackdown:

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Sheamus and Sandow

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The wrestling abilities of these two competitors will make this match one that we will enjoy. This feud has gone on for the past few weeks and has many of us wondering when enough is enough. Will this defeat make Sandow want to venture to another superstar or will he go for Sheamus one more time?

Sandow is going to be in a separate ladder match come Money in the Bank, so this makes me think that we could see the end of the Sheamus/Sandow feud. Now that he and Rhodes are going to be in the ring together as enemies, will the “best friends” now become foes?

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Natalya and AJ Lee

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Last week, Natalya took a devastating loss to Lee as she tapped out to her tricky submission. Could this lead to a Diva’s title shot for Natalya or will she once again be pushed to the back burner?

For months now, the super talented Natalya has been the so called girlfriend of The Great Khali. This is not a role that a true female wrestler should be assigned. She is related to the Hart family and deserves way better than the abuse that she is taking.

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Kane and Randy Orton

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Once Daniel Bryan labeled himself the “weak link”, Team Hell No fell apart and Orton was entered into the mix. We have seen him compete against Bryan in two matches that made you want to see more once it ended. The rumor is that Bryan will be on his way to the WWE Championship and a rivalry with John Cena.

Now in this bout we see the other member of Hell No, Kane, facing Orton. This feud is carried over from when Kane attacked Orton and his father, former wrestler Cowboy Bob Orton. Although I highly doubt Orton could be victorious over the likes of Kane, this should be a great match-up.

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The Shield and The Usos

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This is an interesting match-up but also a great one to watch. The Usos have recently become the no. 1 one contenders for the tag titles, which are on the waists of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. The Usos have been out of the picture for some time now so it is nice to see them make a comeback and go for the titles.

The United States title belongs to the third member of The Shield, Dean Ambrose. As we all saw on Main Event, this has not stirred up a competition with Christian. Ambrose vs. Christian is a great idea by the WWE creative. The six man tag match coming up on Friday should be one that we all enjoy if everyone plays by the rules and we have a clean win.

On the other side of things, the rivalries that this match is creating are going to fresh, interesting, and entertaining.

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Ziggler and Del Rio

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Alberto Del Rio has once again been granted a celebration for becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. We have seen so many champions with their celebrations aired on either Raw or Smackdown. They all begin with so many smiles, balloons, cheers, and braggadocios words from the current champ.

This celebration, like all the others, begins with what I listed above and ends the way every in-ring encounter ends. Del Rio is enjoying being the champion once again, but it isn’t long till he is attacked by former World Champion, Dolph Ziggler. Will this lead Ziggler to become victorious at Money in the Bank to further their rivalry?

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