John Cena Has Been In WWE For 11 Years

By Damian Seeto
John Cena Been In WWE For 11 Years
Image from John Cena – WWE Universe Facebook

John Cena is without question one of the most dedicated WWE wrestlers of all time. The man has just celebrated his 11th straight year working for the company.

Much like other huge stars, Cena didn’t start off all that big when he debuted in 2002. Back then, Vince McMahon banked Brock Lesnar as the young star that would carry the business for the next decade or so. As for Cena, he was just a young kid wearing green tight shorts.

Cena’s debut match was impressive because he took Kurt Angle to the limit on Smackdown. Many people thought back then that Cena could become a future main event star.

Sadly, after his debut, Cena fell off the ranks and was not seen on TV for several weeks. He made a few appearances here and there, but Cena knew his character wasn’t going to become popular. This is when he came up with the “white rapper” gimmick.

The rapper persona made Cena a star because the older fans in the audience loved his insults. From that point onward, Cena’s star rose to heights nobody thought it could. The door opened even more when Lesnar decided to leave WWE in 2004.

WWE knew it needed a big star to fill Lesnar’s shoes and Cena was that guy. Eight years after Cena solidified his main event status, the man is still on top of the WWE mountain. He has now been a main event star longer than the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock, just to name a few.

Will there be a young star that will replace Cena on top of the mountain anytime soon?

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