Who Should Replace CM Punk as the Next Paul Heyman Guy?

By Jessica Eberle
Drew McIntyre
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Paul Heyman is one of the most loved and hated managers in the history of the WWE. I, for one, am not a big fan of his, but he is a successful man, I will give him that.

He has managed many men that have made an impression on the fans and created quite a name for themselves. After some years away from the WWE scene, Heyman reappeared to manage a man that he brought into the world of Pro Wrestling, CM Punk. After they joined forces yet again, Punk went on to win the WWE Championship and retain it for over 400 days. He also reclaimed Brock Lesnar as his client and sent Lesnar on a rampage against John Cena and Triple H. Not long ago, Heyman brought Mr. Perfect’s son, Curtis Axel to the ring and he is now the new Intercontinental Champion.

It seems with the recent return of Punk and his rejecting to have Heyman at ringside that we may see a replacement for Punk. We also have to look at the possibility that Heyman did send Lesnar out to attack Punk after his match two weeks ago on Raw. With all these developments, what can we really expect from this story-line?  And who else could benefit from being a “Heyman Guy?”

No. 1 on my list is a man that seemed to have been forgotten, but then resurfaced only to be used as a wannabe rock star in the stable known as Three Man Band. 3MB is made up of Jindar Mahal, Heath Slater and the reason for this article, Drew McIntyre.

A few years ago, McIntyre came onto the scene as Mr. McMahon’s “Chosen One” and dominated the scene eventually winning the Intercontinental Championship, feuding with a big name such as Matt Hardy and having great opportunities handed to him by Mr. McMahon. All of this ended when his personal life took a negative turn and the company allowed his career to do the same.

McIntyre could benefit from Heyman becoming his manager in many ways. Heyman would save him from the embarrassment that he is being dealt now and lead him on the road to the greatness that he should be experiencing. He is a talented superstar that may only have the personality to be a heel, but many options are available with his type of fighting style.

In the eyes of many of the fans, McIntyre is a wasted talent. So, pair him with Heyman and see what happens. The WWE Creative could do many things with what they have in him, they just need to open their eyes to this fact.

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