WWE Big Show: Face Turn, Title Shot Upon Return

By Jessica Eberle
WWE Big Show
Big Show – WWE Facebook

At this point, the World’s Largest Athlete is out of action due to a shoulder injury, though this comes at a time that is actually not too disruptive for the giant.

Big Show has not been involved in a major storylines for some time now, which I believe is a huge mistake by the WWE. He has the ability to be a face and a heel, although most of the fans would agree that he is better as the lovable giant. So I have been thinking and discovered that there is a way he could return to the adoration of the fans.

Money in the Bank is quickly approaching, and all of the superstars have been chosen for the ladder matches. As we all know, negative events can take place weeks even days prior to an event. So I think that the WWE should be ‘forced’ to replace a superstar in the World Title ladder match due to a kayfabe injury.

This should be announced at the pay-per-view, the replacement should be a mystery until Big Show appears with the world’s biggest grin across his face. This would allow him coming back to a huge ovation and eventually winning the Money in the Bank briefcase.

For my idea to come into play, the winner of the World title match between Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler would have to be Ziggler. By the title going to the heel, Big Show would now have his eyes set upon the new champion, leaving everyone to guess when he was going to cash in the briefcase.

If the WWE’s creative department allowed this to happen, Big Show would make an incredible champion with a new rivalry to take him straight into Summerslam.


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