WWE Smackdown Money In The Bank Match Is Uniquely Full Of Heels

By Damian Seeto
Dean Ambrose In Money in the Bank
Image from Dean Ambrose – WWE Universe Facebook

The Smackdown Money in the Bank ladder match has been revealed, and all of its participants are heels.

The wrestlers in the match include: Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow, Dean Ambrose, Fandango, Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro.

This is probably the first ever time I’ve seen a major match like this featuring only heels. Usually the WWE adds a few babyfaces to let the crowd cheer for at least somebody. Although more recently, a lot of the older male fans have been cheering for the heels because their characters are usually “cooler”.

Unlike the Raw Money in the Bank match, all of the wrestlers in this match have never been a World Champion before except for Swagger. It will be cool to see someone new finally get a chance to hopefully become a new main event player in the company.

The person who I believe deserves a chance to win is none other than Barrett, who was close to winning the WWE Title on numerous occasions back in 2010. This was when he was the leader of The Nexus and he was getting a strong push. Sadly, he’s gone downhill since then and it will be nice to see if he can reach that main event spot once again.

Another person that deserves a shot is Ambrose, who has proven himself to be a great heel character thanks to his excellent promo work. Not to mention, he and his Shield team have dominated the company for the past six months or so.

The winner of the match will get a chance to challenge the World Heavyweight Champion (whoever that may be) within the next 365 days.

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