WWE Diva Division: How Does It rank?

By Jessica Eberle
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The a WWE’s Diva Division took a turn for the worst when it lost such talents as Beth Phoenix and Kharma. These two ladies knew how to get it done in the ring and the brought everything to the WWE that they needed for this division that is on its way to self-destruction.

What we have now is a Diva Division that is full of glamour and doesn’t have anything to do with the business of wrestling. They know how to use loads of makeup, hair extensions, push-up bras and false eye lashes. This has become the age of the dolled up Diva instead of the ass-kicking woman that can entertain an audience with her wrestling abilities. I say this with the exception of the girls that do know how to bring it to the show such as Tamina and Natalya. Even with these girls possessing the talent they do, we barely see them in spotlight worthy matches. If the WWE wants the fans and critics to take the Divas seriously, they need to stop being perverts and be actual talent recruiters.

Many of the girls that this company has hired and pushed are from modeling magazines instead of their own developmental system. I have watched many talented women in the ring on Florida Championship Wrestling that have shown that they can entertain. Most of the girls that they recruit have never entered a ring until the day they are hired.

We, the fans, are subject to matches consisting of “wrestlers” who have a lack of wrestling knowledge. Girls who have this talent are without story-lines or misused by the Creative department. Natalya, Tamina, Aksana, Rosa Mendes and Naomi are all examples of misuse or neglect of talent. If the WWE has any desire to restore what they once had in this division, they should change their ways of locating talent.

The Divas division is failing to bring the type of entertainment that the fans want. Their matches are dull, short, lacking competition and barely able to muster up any reaction from the crowd. The talent department should rehire Kharma, Katie Lea Burchill, Serena and other females that bring great offense, defense and a dominating presence to the WWE scene. This division is nothing but a spot in the company that is displaying women in a sexual manner instead of the iconic women that used to be role models to the female fans.

I realize that sex sells, but the Divas aren’t what bring the fans to the seats, the wrestling is; I doubt they would even be missed. This company is supposed to be concerned about the children watching, so they limit the blood? What you need to do is limit the amount of skin that is shown on the girls. Quit focusing on the bodies and pay attention to the in-ring abilities. Stop hiring models and get fighters for your company. That’s the only way to have people take your Divas Division seriously. The WWE needs to realize that a “pretty face” and “perfect body” don’t always mean a talented wrestler.

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