Will The Wyatt Family Succeed Or Fail In WWE Debut?

By Damian Seeto
The Wyatt Family
Image from Bray Wyatt – WWE Facebook

The long awaited debut of The Wyatt Family is happening this week on Monday Night Raw. Can the group of NXT stars graduate and make a huge impact in the WWE?

The leader (Bray Wyatt) is no stranger to wrestling fans as he debuted under a different moniker called Husky Harris. Harris wasn’t a successful character as he was a part of the Nexus for a brief few months and was never seen ever again. This is when he came up with the Wyatt gimmick and aligned himself with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. The group was collectively called The Wyatt Family, and their debut has been anticipated for many weeks now.

When it comes to debuts in professional wrestling, a huge impact is needed to gauge a response with the audience. The Shield debuted during last year’s Survivor Series PPV, attacking main event stars such as Ryback and John Cena. They then went on to be on a huge winning streak for several months, before the odd team of Christian and The Usos managed to beat them.

To this day though, The Shield are still a huge part of the WWE and their momentum is still going strong.

The last thing the Wyatt family want to do is end up like the Nexus. These guys were a huge deal back in 2010 and had a main event match at SummerSlam that year. Sadly, the WWE stupidly buried the team after that and only Ryback and possibly Daniel Bryan managed to recover from this failure. The rest of the team are stuck in mid-card status.

On Raw, The Wyatt Family will need to make a huge impact and prove themselves to be entertaining in order to maintain on top. If the audience response turns out to be poor, then they could become a big failure.

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