WWE Raw: Job Evaluation and Wyatt Family Debut

By Jessica Eberle
The Wyatt Family
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The day has finally come for the ominous Wyatt Family to debut on Monday Night Raw. We have been seeing their vignettes for some time now and the internet began buzzing with predictions about their arrival date and first match. Now the day has come to witness what these young upstarts have in store for the WWE scene and its loyal viewers.

There have been predictions of their first match being an attack on a “jobber” such as Zack Ryder or their first rivalry being against the now semi-dominant Shield. I see them taking a direct turn to striking fear into the roster. They have demonstrated a desire to get inside everyone’s head and make known that they can control you. I see them not really having a major rivalry right off the bat but maybe taking some sort of action at The Money in the Bank pay per view. My guess is that they will want to find a way to develop a feud with The Shield. The likelihood of that happening depends on whether or not they retain their belts at Money in the Bank.

As the General Manager of Raw, Vickie Guerrero has made some decisions that have not sat well with the fans, but she has also made some that improved the show. The last few weeks have been confusing ones for Guerrero as she has had HHH,Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon giving her different views and suggestions on the matches that should be set. All of this has led to confusion for her, but it has also allowed us to think about what this was all leading to. Last week on Raw Stephanie McMahon made it clear to all of us that there would be an evaluation of Guerrero’s job as a GM.

Now the night has come for the in-ring firing or praise of Guerrero. Personally, I am not sure what they will do with this storyline. As I think back to how they began all of this, I believe that they will have some wanting to fire her and some wanting to keep her on board. Triple H, Vince, and Stephanie have not agreed on one thing since they returned to assist Guerrero on Raw, so I see this as the time when their family rivalry is finally revealed to us all. As for their decision with her job, I really don’t know what the three of them could possibly decide on.

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