Curtis Axel Losing Momentum After Suffering First Loss

By Damian Seeto
Curtis Axel On Raw
Image from Curtis Axel – WWE Facebook

When Curtis Axel debuted in WWE a few weeks ago, he was on an undefeated streak. The man has now suffered his first loss.

Axel debuted in a huge way, getting victories over the likes of Triple H and John Cena. Big things were expected from him as he was introduced as Paul Heyman’s new client. This didn’t make him bulletproof, however, as he lost his first ever match this past week on Raw.

The person responsible for his first loss is none other than Chris Jericho. Jericho’s victory was thanks to some distraction from The Miz, who taunted Axel. This allowed Jericho to hit his codebreaker finisher to end Axel’s over-a-month-long winning streak.

Although one loss doesn’t hurt a wrestler’s image, Axel’s momentum has suffered as of late. He was brought in and pushed to a high level when he “came back.” Now it seems like it will be hard for him to keep his momentum going with the number of other wrestlers trying to steal his thunder.

The biggest person who might take his thunder is the returning Rob Van Dam. RVD has always been a popular name and is likely to get more TV time as a result. Not to mention The Wyatt Family just made their debut in the company too.

The only saving grace for Axel is that he’s the current Intercontinental Champion. He might still be able to rule the mid-card for months and then graduate to the main event later on.

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