Matt Morgan Unhappy With TNA Wrestling?

By Damian Seeto
Matt Morgan TNA
Image from Matt Morgan – Twitter

TNA Wrestling has released Matt Morgan from his contract. It appears Matt Morgan asked to leave because he was unhappy with them.

Morgan wrestled for TNA for six long years and was promised huge things from the company. Morgan was wrestling for WWE before, but was treated poorly. WWE gave him a stupid stuttering gimmick that was offensive to real people who actually stutter, while viewers cringed at the whole thing overall.

When Morgan was released from WWE, TNA officials promised big things for him. He was tipped to become one of the company’s biggest stars and he himself expected to become the next World Heavyweight Champion. TNA even made a storyline where Morgan was angry at Hulk Hogan for holding him back. It appears this “storyline” was actually true as Morgan felt he was betrayed.

Morgan was never given the opportunity to win the World Heavyweight Championship. Not to mention guys like Bobby RoodeAustin Aries and others were pushed above him. Morgan was stuck in the mid-card and was barely promoted for several months.

Morgan requested to be released from TNA and the company accepted his wish. It will be interesting to see if WWE would want him back. He’s a huge guy and is the type of wrestler that Vince McMahon likes. Hopefully Morgan will get a better gimmick this time around.

TNA on the other hand loses another wrestler displeased with their “marketing” skills. Rob Van Dam left TNA for WWE too because he felt he wasn’t promoted properly.

This goes to show that something different needs to happen in TNA if they want to keep their talent happy. If things stay the way they are, there could potentially be more wrestlers leaving the company sooner rather than later…


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