WWE Money in the Bank: Match Predictions

By Jessica Eberle
Money in the Bank PPV
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Although, I still find it very hard to believe this, the Shield is in the Pre-Show match to retain their titles against the Usos. This should be an interesting match-up seeing as you have the champions wanting to keep their status as the dominating Tag Team Champions. Then on the other side, you have a tag team wanting to prove themselves and they finally have the chance to have the titles around their waists for the first time. Both teams are striving for a victory, to be champion and to build their reputation in the spotlight. WINNER: The Shield

Ryback is becoming one of those superstars that came in, went away, and returned to a huge push only to become a mid-card guy again. He has, in my eyes, become a guy that the WWE is just placing in whatever rivalry they see open. His match with Chris Jericho seems to be one of those that really does not make any sense at all to me. I mean it was without the buildup, the continuing feud that made you aware of why they are fighting, and nothing currently going on has really given them a reason to fight. WINNER: Ryback

AJ Lee and Kaitlyn have been going at each other for some time now and I am ready to see something else happen on the Diva scene. They are great in the ring together but I would like a change after this match. Since all the Divas have been involved in this feud, I see this one blowing out of control and either becoming a Battle Royal or a Lumber Jill’s match. I just have a hard time seeing this match staying a controlled singles competition; if it does I will be surprised. WINNER: AJ (not clean)

Since Curtis Axel won the IC title from Wade Barrett, he has been strutting around with it around his waist making sure that everyone knows he’s there. The matchup with The Miz has not really been that heated but I see a reason for them fighting that has made it worthy of a Pay per View spot. This should be a match that keeps their fans on the edge of their seats. I believe that we will have a new Champion at the end of the match, however. WINNER: MIZ

Wade Barrett, Dean Ambrose, Rhodes Scholars, Fandango, Jack Swagger and Cesaro will be fighting for the chance to face the World Heavyweight Champion. This match is full of such great talents that it makes it difficult to choose the one that will grab the briefcase. In the end, I see Barrett and Fandango being the last on the ladder; Barrett hits him with the Bull hammer to win the briefcase. WINNER: WADE BARRETT

Cm Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Christian, Sheamus, Rob Van Dam and a replacement for Kane are in the Money in the Bank All Star ladder match for the WWE Title shot. My choice is a man that has not held any title for some time now; he has not been in the title picture for a while either. He needs a heel turn and this would make the perfect opportunity for him to do that. He is not only one of the most dominant men in the match but he needs this win. WINNER: Randy Orton

I think that it is funny how Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler basically changed spots as heel and face characters. Ziggler’s girlfriend, or soon to be Ex AJ, said that she would do anything to see them both walk out champions. Seeing as Ziggler’s character has turned face, I don’t see him really wanting to go the route of cheating to win. I can however, see AJ interfering and causing him to lose the match. WINNER: Del Rio

The WWE Championship match is going to be a flat out war seeing as both men have the ability to take it to the limit. They both give all they have to the fans when they are in the ring and that only intensifies when a championship belt is on the line. So I will go with this match possibly being too good for words. Mark Henry is hell bent on winning the belt and taking his spot as the Champion. But then again the WWE wants to push Cena as the champion for as long as they can. WINNER: Undecided although I favor Henry



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