WWE: Is Ryback Looking Weak Lately?

By Damian Seeto
Ryback Looking Weak
Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

Ryback debuted in the WWE last year and instantly became one of its biggest stars, but his image seems to have faded a little bit.

When he made his debut, he was a powerhouse babyface that ran through any obstacle in his way. He defeated everyone in his path and amassed himself an impressive winning streak. His winning ways was being compared to Goldberg‘s famous streak back when WCW still existed.

His popularity soared and he earned himself a WWE title shot against CM Punk late last year when John Cena had to take time off due to a minor injury. Sadly, his feud with Punk marked the beginning of the show deterioration of his image.

He began to lose every PPV match thanks to interference from The Shield. Not only that, but he lost to Mark Henry at WrestleMania 29 as well. It was a very sad downfall for the once-invincible wrestler. Ryback then turned heel and it seemed his image started to improve. Alas, he lost to Cena at the Payback PPV and his tough-guy image faded once again. Even his feud with Chris Jericho hasn’t done him any favors.

I expected Ryback to decimate Jericho so that he can look strong and mean again. Jericho is expected to leave wrestling to focus on his music career again, so I thought Ryback would have sent him packing. Ryback instead looked like a coward during their Money in the Bank match as he won with a cheap roll-up. Ryback didn’t cheat to win, but it didn’t make him look strong either.

Hopefully, WWE manages to push Ryback again to make him look as tough as he did last year. At the rate he’s going now, he’s looking weaker as time passes by.

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