WWE: Randy Orton Doesn't Need Money in the Bank

By Damian Seeto
Randy Orton MITB Winner
Image from Randy Orton – WWE Universe Facebook

Randy Orton is now the new Money in the Bank briefcase winner and can challenge to become a future WWE Champion.

Orton is a great wrestler, but someone of his caliber shouldn’t win the Money in the Bank match. This match was initially created to elevate new wrestlers to become main event stars. Without it, guys like Edge and CM Punk may have been stuck in the mid-card for the rest of their lives.

Orton has won the WWE Title six times already in his young career. Not to mention, he’s won the World Heavyweight Title for three times. Orton is already an established star and doesn’t need to become a 10-time World Champion to solidify his legacy in the company.

His victory is reminiscent to the times when John Cena won the Money in the Bank and Royal Rumble matches in the past year. Much like Orton, Cena has been a star in the company for over a decade now and doesn’t need all of this exposure. Many people were wanting Daniel Bryan to win so that he can get a much-earned victory over Cena at SummerSlam. This was reportedly going to be the main event, but it sounds like plans have changed.

The main reason Orton might have won is because his morale has been down as of late. Not only has he separated from his wife, but he was disappointed about the company’s reluctance to turn him into a heel. He’s been wrestling as a babyface for well over three years now.

Hopefully Orton’s victory isn’t in vain and he can become an exciting WWE Champion.

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