TNA Wrestling In Financial Trouble Lately, Should Not Have Started Traveling Each Week

By Damian Seeto
TNA Having Money Issues
Image from Impact Wrestling – Facebook

TNA Wrestling is currently facing serious financial issues. This is the main reason why the company has released a number of its talents over the past week.

Sadly, the likes of Tara, Doc, Bruce Prichard and D’Lo Brown were all let go to save money. TNA has been spending a lot lately, and it seems like all of the spending has taken its toll. This doesn’t even include the loss of Rob Van Dam earlier this year as well.

The main reason TNA is such in bad financial shape is when the company decided to go “on the road” earlier this year. Before this year, TNA ran shows mostly in Orlando, Fla. Occasionally, they would travel to other cities and countries, but not on a weekly basis like right now.

The decision to travel abroad was brought on by Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. They felt TNA’s fanbase would increase if they traveled to more than one city. Not to mention, they’d hoped the TV ratings would increase as a result of this.

TNA President Dixie Carter thought this was a good idea at the time. It cost her $600,000 per week to hold shows abroad, but it was an investment that may have backfired on her and the company.

The ratings haven’t increased at all and shows on the road have not earned the company much of a profit either. In hindsight, TNA has lost even more money by travelling on the road and some of the staff have paid the price for it.

Hopefully, this doesn’t mark the beginning of the end for TNA. Still, going on the road seems like a costly investment that has done more harm than good in the long term.

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