Mark Henry's Comeback Will Be Exciting For WWE

By Damian Seeto
Mark Henry still wrestling
Image from Mark Henry – WWE Universe Facebook

Mark Henry is well over 40 years old, and many people thought he was on the verge of retirement. It appears Henry wants to continue wrestling for a little while longer, signing a contract extension.

Henry extended his contract for another three years, which will see him wrestling for WWE until at least 2016. Henry recently has been suffering from multiple injuries, which is why he’d had to take some time off. His injuries were the main reason he wasn’t World Heavyweight Champion longer than he was back in 2011. WWE had planned for him to keep the belt for a very long time, but they had to cut his reign short.

With Henry getting an extension, let’s hope WWE does the right thing and allows him to get another main event run before he really retires. Many wrestling fans respect all of the hard work Henry has done over the years. They were even paying their respects to the man when Henry tricked us all by faking his retirement a few weeks back.

Now, Henry is a babyface and will be feuding with The Shield for the time being. Hopefully WWE allows him to keep his tough guy persona because his last babyface run was mediocre. As a heel, Henry achieved main event status and is considered to be a great wrestler. He’s never attained the same amount of success as a babyface. As long as he keeps wrestling in meaningful feuds, he should be fine.

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