TNA Wrestling Made Mistake Getting Rid Of PPV Events, Lost Money

By Damian Seeto
TNA Still In Trouble
Image from Impact Wrestling – Facebook

It’s been reported that TNA Wrestling lost more money by dropping eight PPV events from its schedule.

Back in the ’90s, WCW innovated the wrestling business by offering PPV events every month. Wrestling was super popular back then, and many fans decided to pay for super cards every four weeks. WWE responded in kind and is still successfully promoting PPV events on a monthly basis.

TNA Wrestling only started in 2002 but was already the second most popular wrestling organization in North America. They too scheduled monthly PPV events, although they did not garner as many buyers as WWE or even WCW did back in the day.

In a move that was supposed to save TNA money, Dixie Carter announced the company will now only have four PPV events per year. The other eight months will be pre-recorded specials that fans could buy. These events were called “One Night Only” PPVs and featured random matches and no storyline events.

Sadly, this model actually made the company lose even more money rather than save it. This was a mistake by TNA and is another huge factor why the company has been facing mega financial issues as of late.

It’s unknown what Carter has in mind for TNA to make the money back they lost by dropping PPV events in the first place. The company just needs to gain more weekly viewers because the fan base hasn’t grown in over three years or so. Only the same one million viewers or so in North America keep watching the product. They have failed to gain any more fans since 2010.

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