Is Chris Jericho The MVP Of WWE?

By Damian Seeto
Chris Jericho In WWE
Image from Chris Jericho – WWE Universe Facebook

Chris Jericho may be a part-time wrestler/musician, but one cannot deny the amount of effort that he puts into every wrestling match he participates in. Is he the true MVP of the WWE?

Jericho didn’t have an easy road in professional wrestling. Much like many other smaller wrestlers in the ’90s, he lacked the huge physique of guys like Hulk Hogan and others. Because of this, he was never labelled as a guy that could be in the main events and sell tickets. Even though his matches were great in WCW, that company never saw the potential that Jericho possessed.

The breaking point for Jericho was when Goldberg was immediately chucked into the main events despite being a rookie. This upset Jericho so much that he left WCW to debut in the WWE back in 1999. He thought Vince McMahon would appreciate his wrestling ability and charisma more than the folks in WCW.

14 years later, and Jericho is a respected veteran and a multi-time World Champion. The reason why I feel he is one of the best wrestlers around is because he doesn’t have a huge ego. He’s always willing to do what is right for the future of the WWE and the professional wrestling industry in general. He’s not afraid when he’s told to lose to an up-and-coming star, and he puts 100 percent into every match he competes in.

Even though his 2013 wrestling year is over, he’s put over Fandango and had the best match of 2013 (so far) with CM Punk at the Payback PPV. Hopefully when Jericho returns in 2014, he will continue being the best in the business.

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