Should WWE Fans Stop Chanting Goldberg To Ryback?

By Damian Seeto
Ryback Getting Goldberg Chants
Image from Ryback – WWE Universe Facebook

Ryback has been wrestling for well over a year now. However, fans still cheer “Goldberg” to him.

Ryback and Goldberg look similar because both men are bald, and both of them are really huge. They have similar physiques and were pushed the same way too, with the WWE making Ryback go on a winning streak before it abruptly ended.

Now that Ryback is a heel, fans still chant Goldberg any chance they get to “tease” him. In Australia, Ryback looked pretty angry and chanted “Ryback” in front of a few fans at ringside. No matter how hard he tried, the “Goldberg” chants overpowered him. He then said “stupid” and left.

I initially thought the chants were pretty funny, although they are a bit redundant now. Ryback is not on a winning streak like he was last year and the similarities between him and Goldberg are no longer valid anymore. Not to mention, it hurts his image when fans don’t take him seriously.

A similar situation happened when Tensai came back to the WWE last year. Fans chanted him by his old name of “Albert” instead and diminished his heel character. Tensai became a joke and now he’s dancing with Brodus Clay instead of being monster heel that WWE anticipated him to be.

Ryback’s heel turn has been decent so far, although the Goldberg chants might diminish his character if it keeps going. There’s nothing wrong with fans starting chants, although sometimes they can affect a wrestler’s career.

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