WWE News: Superstar Randy Orton Was Attacked By Local Wrestler, Not Fan

By joeburgett

As I’m sure the entire online wrestling world knows WWE Superstar Randy Orton was attacked by a fan in South Africa last night after a match with fellow Superstar Big E. Langston. The entire story seemed bizarre from the outset, and most wondered how the security could be so lax at an event as big as a WWE show.

World Wrestling Entertainment does not come to the area often, so when they do it is literally a big deal. As a result, shows are quite popular and the area is packed. According to Ewrestlingnews.com, we now know the identity of the man who attacked The Viper at the Gran West Arena in Capetown, South Africa. We also know that it was not some random event.

The man is a current South African wrestling talent called “The Blacksmith”, also known by his real name,  Tshepo Sekhabi. While he may not be well-known around the world, he is popular with several South African wrestling fans. As a result, he was seen taking pictures with people who recognized him before the show.

There are two stories on how he got to the ring as easily as he did. One fan claimed that security backed off a bit at one point, which gave him room to jump the rail and head into the ring. Another says that security purposely made room so The Blacksmith could go in.

According to WWE in an official release about what went down, and mentioned that the fan was being detained in jail facing criminal charges for the low blow he did on Orton. TMZ even picked up the story.

Many fans found the entire thing bizarre as mentioned above but for obvious reasons. The first was that Randy Orton seemingly “sold” the low blow, as if he thought Big E. was the man who did it. Then when he saw it was a fan, he was irate and attempted to go after him. Big E. actually was involved in pushing the man back until security got to him.

The Superstars usually tend to wear cups, which is why Orton did not seem to be fazed as bad as he could have been. If you check the video as well, it seems that the low blow was done “wrestling style”.

When he was reached for comment on why he did what he did he said:

“I just don’t like Randy Orton, this was an opportunity for me so I got up there and made a name for myself.”

WWE has been claiming since news broke late yesterday that this could be a storyline, that it was not in fact planned. In a statement to Ewrestlingnews.com, they said:

“On Tuesday night at a live event, Randy Orton was attacked in the ring from behind by a South African fan, who is being held by authorities pending criminal charges. Thankfully, Randy is well enough to continue performing on the tour in South Africa.”

They have tried to enforce that it is not a story, but they have not technically denied it either. But they have been trying reiterate that this was a rouge fan attack.

This brings many to think the whole thing was staged to take some people away from the #August1st thing that TNA is doing, despite what WWE is saying. Others feel that this was just WWE attempting to create a stir to bring in a new talent. Others think it’s just something WWE is doing to sell more tickets to shows while they are in the area.

Whatever reason it is, I think we need to keep an eye out on South Africa this week. If you know anything more on the story, please do not hesitate to let us know. And please let me know your comments below on this story.


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